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BUTTEN1 Tandem/Tandem Axle Tautliner Super Link Combination (P1)
BUTTEN1Tridem Axle Tautliner Semi Trailer (P2)
BUTTEN1Tandem Axle Tautliner Semi Trailer (P3)

BUTTEN1Tandem Axle 16 Pallet or Beverage Trailer 10.2 M (P4)
BUTTEN1Tridem Axle Netcap Sliding Body Semi Trailer (P5)


 BUTTEN1Tandem/Tandem Axle Flat Deck Super Link Combination (P6)
BUTTEN1Tridem Axle Flat Deck Semi Trailer (P7)
BUTTEN1Tandem/Tandem Axle Super Link Combination with Dropsides (P8)

BUTTEN1Tridem Axle Semi Trailer With Drop Sides (P9)
BUTTEN1Tridem Axle Walking Floor Semi Trailer (10)
BUTTEN1Tandem/Tandem Axle Pantechnicon Super Link Combination (P11)
BUTTEN1Tridem Axle Step Deck Semi Trailer (P12)

BUTTEN1Brick Trailer (13)
BUTTEN1Fridge Trailer (14)


BUTTEN1Tandem/Tandem Skeletal Super link Combination (P15)
BUTTEN1Tandem Axle Skeletal Container Trailer 6m (P16)

BUTTEN1Tridem Axle Skeletal Container Trailer 12,5m (P17)
BUTTEN1Tridem Axle 8.2M Container Application Tipping Skeletal Semi-Trailer (P18)


BUTTEN1Tandem / Tandem Axle Logging Superlink Combination (019)
BUTTEN1Rigid and Drawbar Combination (P20)
BUTTEN1Tridem Axle Logging Semi Trailer (P21)

Cattle Trailers

 Intermediate Dolly


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